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5/20/2019 - Updated active travel maps now available for Inverness

 The popular active travel map for Inverness has been updated and reprinted with the aim of making it easier for local residents and visitors alike to plan safer routes for everyday and leisure journeys around the city. 


The map, produced by HITRANS, the regional transport partnership for the Highlands and Islands, highlights recommended cycle routes, bike shops/repairs, bike hire, bike parking and transport hubs such as the railway station and bus station.


The updated map includes new cycling infrastructure linking the canal paths via the West Link to the Southern Distributor road, and links between Beechwood, Inverness Campus, the Retail Park and Culloden.


Councillor Allan Henderson, Chair of HITRANS said: “With The Highland Council declaring a climate and ecological emergency, there is much that each of us can do individually to help the Highlands reach the target of being carbon neutral by 2025.  


“Transport accounts for 27% of Scotland’s greenhouse gas emissions* so choosing to walk or cycle instead of taking the car for journeys under five miles has a positive impact on carbon emissions, air quality and traffic movements, making our streets more liveable.  Driving less could mean a mixture of car sharing, walking, cycling or using public transport for all or part of a journey.”


An active travel map is also being developed for Fort William and is due to be printed later in the year.



Leading the production of active travel maps is Vikki Trelfer, the Active Travel Officer for HITRANS.


She said: “Our aim is to provide a practical network of high quality routes suitable for pedestrians and cyclists that provide convenient and safe access throughout the city, to and from the railway station, bus stops, major employment areas, local shopping areas, leisure/recreation centres, and hospitals.  That way it becomes easy for people to make different choices about how they get around.”


The free map is available in bike shops and workplaces around town, and a pdf version can be downloaded from the HITRANS






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