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12/17/2019 - Make car sharing your New Year’s resolution says HITRANS Chair


An advertising drive is being launched in the New Year to encourage more people to consider car-sharing in the Highlands and Islands. All of the major fuel stations across the area will feature adverts on pump handles encouraging people to consider joining the HITravel Liftshare scheme in 2020.


Behind the initiative is HITRANS, the regional transport partnership for the Highlands and Islands, which has attracted Paths for All funding to raise the profile of car sharing. HITRANS has regularly advertised the scheme through major employers in the area, but this year’s campaign sees them take the message directly to people at the pumps. So when drivers next fill up, it’s hoped that the adverts might help some save more on their fuel costs in 2020. 


In launching the scheme, Highland Councillor Allan Henderson, Chair of HITRANS, hopes that commuters will make car sharing their New Year’s resolution.


He said: “ We all share cars regularly, with our friends and family, without thinking about it. But there are often times when a driver has empty seats simply because they don't know anyone who needs a lift or they might not be aware of the benefits of sharing. The Hitravel Liftshare Scheme enables organised car sharing by connecting people travelling in the same direction so they can arrange to travel together and share the costs, whilst reducing congestion and pollution at the same time.


 “Whilst we understand the necessity for many of the private car for travel across the Highlands and Islands, we are hoping we could all do more to enable people to share money, help the environment and share journeys. You don’t have to share every day, even sharing once a week with someone makes a big difference. We hope people will be surprised how much the benefits add up over time; we’re talking savings £100s of pounds a year for regular users as well as reducing your carbon footprint and decreasing congestion and parking pressures.”


Stuart Douglas SCSP Manager Paths for All said:“We are delighted to support this initiative from HITRANS.  Sharing journeys saves money, reduces carbon footprint and increases social connection, helping making the Highlands an even better place to live, work and visit.”


The Liftshare Scheme is open to anyone over 18 years of age. Commuters, students, football supporters, festival-goers, tourists, employees - anyone! Joining the scheme is simple and FREE. All that is necessary is to register your details and then activate your account.


More information can be found at the HiTravel web site


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