The project will see Inverness City Region import the European eMobility Hub concept to the Highlands. A Mobility Hub is a recognisable and easily accessible place which integrates different transport modes and supplements them with enhanced facilities, services and information aimed at encouraging more sustainable travel, creating sense of place and improving journeys and travel choices.

The enhancement of physical mobility choices through the introduction of new modes / services will be strengthened by offering booking of all services through the GO-HI mobility as a service app. The GO-HI app will digitally present the range of travel choices available at each mobility hub and the ap will be developed to include a new resource to allow users to find nearby mobility hubs. eHUBS will be developed at several locations in and around Inverness.

 The eHUBS will incorporate the existing eBike Dock locations at Inverness Rail Station, Great Glen House and Inverness Campus.


HiTRANS are committed to deliver at least 3 eHUBS over a 12 month live trial but is hoping to extend this to as many as 9 eHUB locations with revenue costs covered for a 24 month pilot period. There will be a long term legacy from the programme in terms of eBike Docks, eBikes, GO-HI MaaS Platform eHUB area, EV Charging Infrastructure and extended Car Club availability.