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6/23/2011 - Inverness Active Travel Audit

1.1 Background


Halcrow Group Ltd was commissioned by HITRANS, the Highlands and Islands Regional Transportation Partnership to:

  • Develop a methodology to audit existing active travel infrastructure.
  • Provide baseline information on existing infrastructure provision for active travel.
  • Recommend priorities for future investment.


The overall aim is to assess where best to apply available funding in order to increase the potential for active travel and ideally to see an increase in the numbers of people choosing to walk or cycle.


In particular, the key purpose of the audits is to identify:

“A practical network of high quality routes suitable for cycling within each settlement that provides convenient and safe access to all major destinations” 


and also:

“A network of routes for pedestrians focused upon railway stations, bus stations, ferry terminals, major employment areas, local shopping areas, leisure/recreation centres, hospitals and main trip generators.”


This document summarises the main findings of the methodology as applied to the Inverness area, which has ultimately led to the Proposed Potential Inverness Active Travel Network
(Figure 1-1).



To view the full report please click here

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