Regional Transport Strategy Update 

HITRANS Regional Transport Strategy was approved by Scottish Ministers in July 2008. A refresh of the Regional Transport Strategy was undertaken in 2018.

A full update of the Regional Transport Strategy is currently underway. A copy of the inital Case for Change and supporting documents including, Case for Change Island Communities and Supporting Assessment, Equality Duties Report and Strategic Enviromental Assessment.

HITRANS Case for Change Post Consultation 

HITRANS Case for Change Consultation Technical Note

HITRANS RTS Case for Change Equalities Duties Report Post Consultation

HITRANS RTS Case for Change ICIA Report Post Consultation 

HITRANS RTS Case for Change SEA Report Post Consultation

Below are also links to the 2018 refresh and the 2008 Regional Transport Strategy and Delivery Plan

HITRANS Strategy Regional Transport Strategy Refresh 2018
HITRANS Regional Transport Strategy 2008
HITRANS Delivery Plan 2008