Buses play a central role in our area's public transport network. Bus services in our area encompass:

  • Long distance coaches.
  • Tourist coaches.
  • Urban services.
  • Subsidised rural services.
  • School services which are also made available for use by the public.
  • Subsidised taxi services and Post Buses.
  • Dial-a-Ride services.


The key issues facing bus service provision include:

  • A generally thin network of services.
  • Limited frequencies on many routes.
  • Congestion in built up areas, compromising service reliability and attractiveness.
  • Some areas have no buses at all.
  • Integration with other forms of public transport.
  • More provision for people with disabilities is required.

Bus services provide a potential alternative to the car to everyone in the communities they serve. However, they are particularly important to meet the needs of those who are:

  • Unable to drive.
  • Unable to afford a car.
  • At particular life stages when they may not have access to a car.
  • Living in parts of the HITRANS area beyond the rail network.

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