Active Travel

Active travel is that which is non-motorised and involves physical activity. It is a means of travel in itself. It is also a key part of some multi-modal journeys-for example, at the beginning and end of bus or ferry journeys.

Some aspects of the HITRANS area are not conducive to active travel. There can be long distances between origins and destinations, while the weather and limited hours of daylight in the winter can be discouraging. Despite this, in many parts of our area the proportion of people either walking or cycling to work is above the Scottish average.

Active travel in our area can serve to:

  • Reduce emissions, noise pollution and congestion.
  • Offer a wider range of travel options to those without access to a private vehicle.
  • Provide health benefits for those walking and cycling.
  • Generate economic benefits by attracting visitors who wish to walk or cycle.

Progress has been made in recent years in providing infrastructure, facilities and information to encourage more active travel. However, there is an ongoing need to offer:

  • More extensive and better quality pedestrian and cycle networks.
  • Design of developments and road transport improvements which meet the needs of pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Information about the networks and facilities that are available.
  • Measures to increase pedestrians' and cyclists' confidence in their personal safety.
  • Convenient and secure cycle parking facilities.
  • Segregated cycle routes.
  • General information, and promotion of active travel to continue to change attitudes. 


Keep fit and keep green